9 year cycles

Your Life Follows A 9 Year Cycle

9 year cyclesWhen I first heard about a 9 year cycle, I could not imagine the amount and detail of information it was able to provide me about my life. Comparing my life with the cycle for the last nine years has proved to be a great tool to prepare for the future.

The universe loves cycles. There are the cycles of the day and the night, seasons, and reincarnation. Human life is no different. By learning about this cycle, you will be surprised how much of a pattern your life has, and how many major events often align with the energy of a specific year. The ones that do not always show up in your personal astrological chart.

The great thing about the nine-year cycle is that it takes under a minute to calculate, and by knowing just the current year of any person, you can instantly have information about where they are in life.

How To Calculate Your Personal Year In The 9 Year Cycle

To find out your current year all you have to do is add single digits of your birth month and day together with the single digits of the current year. For example, my birthday is April 22, and the current year is 2018. To find out my year I add 4 for the month of April, plus 22 for my birthday, plus 2018 for the current year.


If you end up with a two digits number, you again add those digits.


I am now in my 1 year. What about you?

Your year starts and ends on your birthday. For me, one year is from April 22, 2018, until April 22, 2019.

The energy, however, flows gently from one year to another, so there is some overlap.
You will start feeling your upcoming year four months before it is actually here. For an April birthday, I will start feeling my next year in December.

Knowing which year you are on can give you a lot of insight into what to expect and what is best to focus your energy on.

Year 1: The Beginning

Chances are a lot of things ended for you last year, and in year 1 it is time to rebuild completely from square one. You may not be sure yet about big pieces of your life: your work, living situation, or family situation. You will know all of this before year one ends and the second year begins.

In year one you are planting the seeds that will grow for the whole nine-year cycle.

You want to focus on who you want to be and toss away any old habits or beliefs that are not serving you. Year one is the time to start completely anew if you choose to do so.

If you want to continue what you have been doing in the last nine-year cycle, you can, but everything still has to go through a transformation. You are preparing yourself for the next nine years of your life—choose which energies and projects you want to take with you wisely.

Year 2: Connecting

In year two you are expanding upon the path that you have chosen in your one year and making the needed connection to start bringing it to fruition. It is a pretty slow year, and you will need patience. The projects you have started will start to develop but not as fast as you would want. Be mindful of that and grateful for growth no matter how slow, it is all part of the process.

It is a good year to work on your own abilities and skills. You will have much more control over how fast you can self-improve this year than the outside things.

Finally, year two is a good year for strong romantic relationships, especially marriages.


Year 3: Creating

Year three is when everything starts to speed up. It is a fun year for your social life and romance. You will want to live your life to the fullest this year. This is also why it is one of the three years of change in the nine-year cycle (the lesser of the three, 3, 5, and 9). You will want to do too much and the energy may leave you scattered, starting too many new things at once, which may not pan out in the end.

This energy, however, will bring out a lot of creativity and new ideas from deep within you and you will expand a lot in personal expression—even if business ideas or finances may not be the best.

Year 4: Working and Building

Year four is when the real work and real progress begins. After having too many ideas in year three and many of them failing, in year four you are fully focused on what is working. It is not as social, as you are going to really buckle down and work hard on your projects. Self-control and willpower will be challenged and improved.

It is the year of strong organization skills, acting on your responsibilities, and getting everything in order.

Year 5: The Change

Year five is the biggest year of change in the nine-year cycle. After likely working too hard in the previous year, in year five you will likely want to stop everything you are doing, drop your personal relationship, change your name, and move to an exotic country. This is not an exaggeration, number 5 always brings the free spirit and the rebel out of each person.

While you may not actually act on these desires fully, you will want to be more adventurous, which will once again bring some scattered energies followed by a lot of change in any and all parts of your life.

Year 6: Love and Nurture

If in year five you were questioning your relationship or loving being single, in year six you will want to focus on a strong romantic relationship, and home and family matters. It will be a year of nurturing any close relationships in your life, including friendships.

It is not a huge year for work accomplishments, and it will pretty quiet. Focusing on harmony, peace, and your loved ones is the best choice in year six.

Year 7: Self Analysis

In year seven you will start feeling that the end of the cycle is near, and you will want to make sure that it is successful with a lot of achievements and financial abundance. To do so, you will stop and re-evaluate everything you have been doing. It is a year that is focused solely on you and your plans. Social life and relationships will become less of a priority.

You will not see a lot of action happening this year, but rather a lot of personal growth and your final preparation for the successful completion of the cycle.

Year 8: Harvest of Achievements

While year seven is very internal and introspective, year eight is very external. Be prepared to harvest the fruits of what you have worked for this whole cycle. It is commonly the best year for business, career, and personal finances.

You will see many opportunities in higher-paying work positions and other methods of recognition. This is the absolute peak of the whole nine-year cycle—enjoy the abundance that you have worked for.

Year 9: The Completion

Year nine may seem bittersweet. Many things may end completely this year: jobs, living situations, relationships and friendships. It is all a blessing in disguise. The universe is preparing you for the next amazing cycle and if something will not serve you in the next nine years, no matter how amazing it may have been. If something leaves your life, know that even better things are coming! And parts of your life that will cross over to the next cycle have to be transformed, nothing can stay as it did—after all, you are moving to the next cycle and the next level.


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