Virgo Horoscope for July 2022

This is another significant month for you, Virgo, featuring your values, your evolving worldview, your societal contribution, and your prospective plans. Having come through the previous month’s consequential retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, through your career sector, you have been meditating deeply on where your outer world achievements have hit or missed the mark. Your creative self-expression has also been in transition for many weeks with the question looming of where exactly to direct your efforts. The cards are already stacked in certain ways for you if only you could read them. One thing seems certain, if you are to find satisfaction in what you produce and promote, it is your own deep-seated principles that must be involved in order for this to happen. You are optimistic and engaged and full of energy for the transformational adventure. Even the apparent drawback of painful places within you coming to greater conscious awareness is grist for your mill, a cautionary reading of what no longer works. The truth is, when you act in total and uncompromising alignment with the values that are strictly your own, you cannot fail.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The Cancer New Moon that took place on June 28th signalled the beginning of a new thirty-day cycle in the part of your chart that relates to your community, your loved ones, and the friends you rely on to support you. You may be in the process of re-assessing where you belong and with whom you want to share yourself in July. Jupiter in Aries precisely squares the New Moon and also indicates that the July month could bring powerful insights regarding the inner process, perhaps including issues of codependency or anger. You may experience tension between your need to be supported versus your desire to assert yourself more forcefully but you may also have the opportunity to bring more awareness to these topics. You may have far-reaching realizations surrounding your need to release frustrations in healthier ways instead of letting them build up.

Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, culminating on July 1st, potentially represents extra tension or stressors. With the proper channels, this energy could be used creatively and on the other hand, you also may find it harder to compromise with others at this time. Power struggles with someone are possible especially if pre-existing conditions for that exist, or if you’ve let things build up for too long, and you may have an all-or-nothing attitude.

The first weekend of the month could also be productive thanks to Mercury in Gemini receiving a supportive trine aspect from task-master Saturn on the 1st and 2nd. You could get a lot done in no time and you might be surprised at how efficient you are.

Mars’s entry into the sign of Taurus on the 4th carries energy into your vision sector while Mercury entering Cancer on the same day brings attention to your dreams and goals as well as the people who can help you realize them. This could be a very productive period and you may also be able to move beyond what you thought was possible. The Sun in Cancer squaring Chiron during the second weekend of July on the 7th and 8th may challenge you to say no to something you would usually say yes to or make you hyper-aware of the need to speak up about an issue. You may not be able to be as accommodating as usual at this time, and you may need to make peace with that.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th may bring up a culmination process related to an extensive project or the efforts you have been making towards developing a talent. You may finally be able to see the results of a long drawn-out process and appreciate the time and energy invested in perfecting something. Your creativity can become more oriented to what you believe in your heart of heart might be its most relevant expression in terms of advancing the collective. Your own deep principles hold the key to what you want to see happen. Venus in Gemini also forms a supportive aspect with Saturn in Aquarius on the day of the Full Moon which could easily translate as: ‘’All good things come to those who wait.’’

There could be much more socializing towards the middle of July, and you may be busy connecting with people who can help you in some ways. Mercury conjoins the Sun in Cancer on the 15th and 16th while they both move towards a supportive aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Dreaminess and romanticism could be exaggerated for a few days but those are excellent signatures for artistic pursuits. Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, where she will bless your social sector and bring a sweet influence that can help you relate with others more wholeheartedly.

You may start to feel the need to take a step back a bit as the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and illuminates the part of your chart that relates to your private space and unconscious process. Mercury, your ruler, is also briefly trine expansive Jupiter in another deep process sector of your chart so that you are doubly drawn to the inside.

The last week of July could challenge you out of your comfort zone and into a new environment. Mercury in Leo squaring Mars in Taurus on the 25th and 26th may bring a learning curve that helps you see beyond what you once thought you knew. You may have to make some effort to adapt especially as Mercury squares Uranus leading up to the New Moon in Leo, and you may also welcome the challenge.

The Leo New Moon of the 28th takes place in the soul sector of your chart, bringing a more introspective influence to close the month. Respecting your own internal rhythms could be more important at this time. With Uranus in the picture, there might be surprises or the offer of novel career choices. Your dreams might be unusually descriptive now, and you could find yourself contemplating your overall direction, your purpose, or require more time alone to assess the overall trajectory of your life. You may be preoccupied with philosophical or spiritual concepts and these might help you understand yourself in a broader framework.

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