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The Journey or the Destination?

Is it the journey or the destination that matters most in our quest for enlightenment?

Which one of these should be our aspiration? Is the pot of gold in the journey, or the destination? Is it a foolish man who revels in the journey, not paying attention to the all-important destination, thus losing his way, or is the illusion thinking that a destination even exists?

Every person mighty or feeble, at one point or another in their journey, will debate the implications of these two words.

And so I proceed…cross road

In the beginning, God was.
God was All.
“It” existed in a state of Being. No destination existed because that is simply a man-made reference point that implies that something exists “outside or away” from something else, which is not the state of God. There is nothing outside of God. Ịf there is no place to leave, then there is no place to go.

So God was All That Is. But It desired to know Itself. And to know Itself a reference point had to be created. There is only one way to do that in this situation. To create the illusion of what It was not. To do that, a yin and yang had to be established, which is both parts of the whole, but seemingly different. So the illusion of separation was created. Light and dark; love and hate; and good and bad.

But then God created another even larger illusion of separation. That is us (mortal) from It (God). Because of this illusion of separation, we are always searching for God, but we are already a part of God. We think we have a huge journey before us that will bring us closer, but we are already there. This is why children, especially babies, are so in touch with this. Before they can learn the traits of their parent’s ego (the illusion of separation), they think of one thing only and that is love. Love, which is what created and propels this whole process, is God. As we grow out of infancy, we steep ourselves into the grand illusion of separation, in every way. Our journey is gaining back the knowledge that we are not separate from anything, and especially, God. You might jump on this and say, “Ah! But the destination is then knowing that we are God!” But remember, that is where God started. It already knew It was God.

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