Spiritual Contracts and Karma 5

61bec9cc8b23085febdc98e0_640_ContractsKarmic Agreements – Karmic Lessons

“Karmic Agreements” on the other hand, are situations specifically designed by Spirit so that you may gain ALL perspectives in life. These are the specific life “lessons” that you have chosen to learn for the sake of expanding or broadening your experience of and compassion for the human condition (especially if you are a new soul to this contracted, limited, dense and dualistic dimension).

Where our Worldly Contracts form the basic structure of our lives, Karmic Agreements fill in the details. Some of these experiences may involve pleasant activities and creative endeavors… some may be painful and traumatic – going to war, being killed, raped or maimed. Over lifetimes, if you were the persecutor (abuser) in one life you may be the victim (abused) in the next; if were wealthy in one life you may be poor in the next; if you were healthy in one life you may be sickly in the next; if you were a student in one life you may be the teacher in the next; if you were a man in one life you may be a woman in the next… and so on, and on, and on…. Karmic agreements do not have to be difficult or hard in the painful way you may think – as the soul evolves and learns to readily respond to the “hard knocks”, spirit will begin to softly and subtly “tap” on your “door” with lessons having more nuance and flair. The balance of karma is like the swing of a pendulum… when it swings wide and fast, you are very out of balance, and your lessons may be hard… when it swings slowly and slight, your lessons may be more subtle and fine.

“Karmic Contracts” are predominantly entered into in order to clear negative actions (karma) accumulated in past lives. If you didn’t enter into the binding energies of these contracts, you would try to avoid all the “unpleasant” experiences – thus missing the important lessons and greater purposes in them. Contracts are your way of compelling yourself to do something you as a spirit wanted to experience or accomplish in the physical form – and not back down later because it may seem too hard. The Contract is your way of ensuring that no matter how clouded over with illusion and forgetfulness your human consciousness and resistant your will may become (once you are embodied) you will tend to fulfill your contractual duties. For the soul knows (deep down) that if one does not complete its mission – fulfilling all these karmic contracts in one life time – than the soul must reincarnate until it does (and for the soul that loves its freedom, that may not be a very desirable option).

One cannot be absolved of nor escape fulfilling ones Karmic Contracts or Agreements. However, spirit may provide us with many alternative opportunities to work it out… either the “hard way” – through life’s’ hard knocks, or the “easy way” – through the grace found within the healing experience. (This work can help you quickly expedite and resolve many karmic “entanglements” you may have with other souls).

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