Spiritual Contracts and Karma 8

When one is free of all these karmic entanglements and energies, the forces of creation become balanced – inside and out – which allows us to be truly free to ascend to a higher level of creation. This karmic or energetic balance point is where we feel the inner and outer become as “One” (“If thy eye be single thy whole body is full of light”). This creates feelings of wellbeing, even bliss. Technically speaking, when we reach this balance point, our energies naturally start to move inward towards the core of our being (found within the spinal channel) and then – if that channel is clear and unimpeded – these creative energies (also known as the “”) along with our human mind-consciousness… can flow upward… through the core (also known as the “Shushumna”). This raising of the “Kundalini” energies is a prerequisite to the “Ascension” of the “Christ”. Since the Kundalini energies are of the created ego-mind (i.e. the creative psychic powers) they can only go up so far into the higher dimensions… beyond which, the ascension is not so much of the energies as they are the descent of the higher consciousness into… and it’s merging with… the lower consciousness. Generally speaking, work with the Kundalini is the “Red Tantra” work, and work with the higher and lower consciousness is the “White Tantra” work.

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