Spiritual Contracts and Karma

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The Inner Dream

Before a soul can move on or “Evolve” onto its higher potential… onto the more outrageous possibilities that lie beyond the limits of human imagination… one must fulfill ones “God Contracts” and “Karmic Agreements”. These contracts and agreements were both made on your behalf (probably before you even came into this life) by your Higher Soul Self, under the guidance and approval of the “Spiritual Hierarchy”.
These contracts and agreements are ever beckoning to us through our subconscious as: nudges, images, messages, feelings and dreams….
Clues on what your own “inner dream” is may be found scattered throughout your childhood. Try to remember those moments (as a child) when you were happy. What were you doing? Write down anything you can remember no matter how silly or stupid you might think it to be – that thinking would be your adult “judgmental mind” stepping in here now (Just put that aside for this exercise). When you have found or remembered something from this time, meditate on it… a lot. This may be your greatest treasure, your greatest clue on what your life is all about. Following the crumbs of these memories, and working to make them come true may be one of the greatest things you can honestly do in this life.


One must eventually complete all contracts, “Spiritual” and otherwise (if not in one life time than in another), but due to the power of the ego on this dimension, one can be in a great deal of resistance, rejecting guidance from the higher self and refusing to follow ones spiritual destiny/path. (I think this has occurred with just about everybody incarnated on this planet today). Fortunately, the Great Spirit constantly reminds us of why we are really here by first sending us subtle clues and signs – as nudges, images, messages, feelings and dreams. They may come through the form of other humans whose designated purpose is to be our spiritual healers and teachers (The Great Spirit works through all people and events on this earth, if not directly than indirectly). If the subtle approach doesn’t get our attention (if we are asleep or in rebellion) Spirit will send us some very rude wake up calls (not to be confused with karma) often in the form of near fatal accidents, health problems, financial difficulties, failing relationships, or other dramatic events….

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