Spiritual Contracts and Karma 4

8b7dad401f3d6583da2c6ab1_640_relationshipsKarma that is shared in relationships can be very individual specific, linked to that particular soul you have done the “Karmic Dance” with – ones that you have (so to speak) “energy with” or where there is a “negative” charge (as in “bad” karma). In other words, anyone whom you have ever been engaged with in a negative cycle of action and reaction (bad karma) that energy must be neutralized – often by its opposite (quite like an antidote). The biblical quote that epitomizes this teaching is “turn the other cheek”, and in the Lord’s Prayer “forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who would trespass against us.”

As an extreme example… if you were killed by a particular person in one life, the “human” thing to do would be to kill that person back the next time you had the chance – thus escalating (building on) and perpetuating this negative (bad karmic) energy. The “divine antidote” is to neutralize this energy within the spirit of love and forgiveness, directed not only to the other person, but most especially to ourselves… for one never really knows if (at some distant time in the past) you started this cascading bad karma with your own negative action… and now your karma is catching up to you. Does it now stop with you, or will it be added onto and perpetuated unto the next life?

And if you have some “good” karma with another person with whom you may have a “positive” charge with – if your ego-mind was attached to or is holding on to them in any way, Spirit will bring you together to work out your attachments so you may complete the relationship and let these attachments go. In many circumstances (no matter how much love you share) this may (eventually) involve letting the other person move on in their life path (without you).

Similarly, if you have any “bad” karma with another person with whom you may have a “negative” charge with, your souls will eventually be brought together again to “finish the dance” before you may be allowed to move forward on your path. However, in some situations when that other individual (who you were involved with) is not available (or have since resolved their karma in another manner) spirit may put in a substitute (who has similar issues) to take their place.

Relationship karma could also be seen as the mixed up, unresolved, co-dependent energies and issues that you are sharing with, holding on to, and projecting towards another being. As long as there are these sorts of unresolved energies in any relationship, no one is ever really going to be free or fully happy.

This vicious cycle must be broken, but someone must make the first move.

However, the energy dynamics of this sort of situation may set up the belief that “I am not the problem – it’s the other person who needs fixing not me!” When you place the problem on the other person, you are dis-empowering your own self – but when you take on the responsibility, you also assume the mantle of its power. Besides, the healing has got to start somewhere… you might as well make the first move – this is called “leading by example”. However you put it, in order to help someone else, you must focus on healing yourself (considering that you are both sharing in the same karmic energies – when you heal, they heal). Most relationships between parents and children, and dating or married couples… have to do with either relationship karma or karmic agreements.

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