[title align=”center”]Your Past Life’s is not calling You[/title]

From the results, it is evident that your Past Life’s is currently not calling you.

How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

Our souls meet this world Our souls meet this world time and time again, as this happens we grow and change. We outgrow old soul contracts and make new ones as we go, this is just how things are. Born into many bodies Souls are born into many different bodies throughout many different lifetimes. Sometimes we […]

Memories of War in China

I’m Benjamin, 26 years old, and living in France. I wanted to share my story with you, as it’s pretty factual and life-changing for me. I got interested in the field of past life regression, because, since my childhood, I had awful nightmares of battle scenes, and it got to the point where, when I […]

Past Life Regression – The Power of Your Past – Episode 1

In this episode you will learn about: The origins of belief in reincarnation How past life regression relates to Buddhism, Hinduism and Einstein’s Theories How past life regression and science converge Unified field theory Theory of relativity The anatomy of the brain Brainwaves The chakra System/energy centres And much more….. [align_center][button title=”Book Now” link=”″ new_tab=”no” […]