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Past Life Regression Online

PAST LIFE REGRESSION can assist you in filling in the autobiographical narrative of your soul and leave you with a better understanding of who you are, why you are here, what is your purpose, and what lessons will help you evolve into a more peaceful being.

Past Life Test


This past life test helps you decide if your soul is nudging you to explore your past lives. The test is a series of questions to help you identify past life information… from the clues in your everyday life.

Birth Chart and Natal Report

Astrology Reports

What do the stars reveal about your personality?


Find out what is your upcoming transits for a three, six or twelve-month period.

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Your Facilitator

Neels Viljoen

Hi, I am Neels Viljoen, I have been walking a path of Spiritual awakening, for well over the past 25 years, this path led me to the Healing Art of Reiki, and then Past Life Regression.

When you make a booking, I am Honoured that you have chosen me, and I am honoured to be taking a path of healing and self-discovery with you.

In general, I work from my home in Pretoria, South Africa. The current lockdown restrictions opened an opportunity to expand my services online, to clients not being able to visit my premises. I am now opening the door to an international audience.

Every client is treated with the respect and honour that they deserve, session is done with no judgement as fully understand that we are all on our own learning journey.

Having conducted numerous Past Life sessions, I fully understand that we are all on a separate path and that no matter what you are going through, there are valuable lessons to be learned.

In Love and Light

Neels Viljoen
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