The theory that we plan our lives was something I had never heard of before 2011. Up until that point, I really could not have even imagined such a thing. Even after hearing about it 3 years back, it took me quite a number of years to let this concept into my paradigm.

How I stumbled upon it wasn’t even through my avid research of the afterlife and reincarnation. It came in my experience through a vision I experienced. just before the vision, I believed in reincarnation. The thought of it had always fascinated me and I also felt strongly that I did have past lives; I just didn’t know what those lives entailed. After 3 years of intense research and listening to many people from all different backgrounds and beliefs speak about it from all throughout the world, I knew it absolutely was something that required to be shared and discussed.

The Cycle Of Reincarnation

Many people feel that reincarnation can’t exist because they don’t remember their past and my response to the world is we do remember. We don’t have the details but we now have certain key hints as to who our company is. The variety of music we like, the people our company is most attracted to, the kinds of food we like, the clothing we wear, certain periods of history that we identify with. These are indications that is where we have been before and so our present incarnation or our present lifetime is a composite for the many fruits of everything we were before.” Carey Williams – Co-Author: Reincarnation: a cutting-edge new Horizon (Ancient Mysteries – Reincarnation Documentary Hosted by Leonard Nimoy)

Through my research, the cycle of life to death to re-birth continues to be pretty much the exact same from all associated with the sources I studied and let me tell you, there were many. It all starts along with the Pre-Birth Plan. You establish this plan with a council. Some individuals call this council the elders or the wise ones. Pretty much, these are generally very old beings who know their stuff as they say. You meet with them along with your spirit guides. You discuss the life ahead of you and are due to the selection of a few different lives to pick from into the present time period you are incarnating into. To give you an instance: I became because of the selection of being an artist or a Samurai in Japan. You choose everything, including your mother and father. As soon as your choices have been given to you and you decide on one, the tedious task starts of planning all the things you wish to possess during the upcoming life. Experience isn’t the actual only real thing we seek; we have goals to fulfill and challenges to overcome. Some wish to learn patience or overcome jealousy. Lots of people have debated this theory but you also choose to clear up karmas. For me, clearing up karmas simply means creating a balance. There are a few other stuff like healing, contrast and healing false beliefs. When the life plan is being created, our guides are there with us creating what Robert Schwartz describes through his work as a flow chart. A flow chart is the plan but with free will integrated into it. He gets into great detail about the flow chart in an interview he did with Afterlife TV which it’s possible to view here. Our guides also create synchronicities inside our lives to trigger certain things in us and guide us from the best path to help us master our goals. after the plan is within place, we are born and forget the plan and who we truly are.

Why Do We Forget?

You close your eyes to your past in order to reopen them to a different existence. You may get more expansion by forgetting” – Teal Swan, Spiritual Catalyst

It wouldn’t be a test when you knew the answers.” – Dolores Cannon

Forgetting is an integral element of the cycle. It’s the way we truly get to learn ourselves and fully live the current life we are living. Dolores and Teal give really great, simple explanations of it. We’re residing in the time of remembering and most of us are remembering who we are and why we came to Earth at this time. Those who haven’t fully awakened to their abilities but wish to have more insight on who they are and why they are here look for mediums or folks who are in tune with higher frequencies and can connect to help them access that type of information.

How Can The Pre-Birth Plan Affect The Laws Of Attraction

The Pre-Birth Plan is scheduled in position but free will gives us the capability to help make any reality we choose to live in. With that being said, there are certain things our company is meant to experience and as a result of that, I believe several things are out of our control. For example: if you should be meant to experience a specific illness or disease, you certainly will definitely manifest that illness. If you are designed to experience a negative relationship, you are going to attract that negative person in to the life. I suppose you’re able to consider that to be the Law of Attraction or Manifestation but because it’s not something you may be fully conscious of since you planned it before you were born, it’s hard to call it that. Lately, I’ve seen some individuals get confused because they know about the Laws of Attraction, just how to manifest positive things and so are on a high vibration but something negative comes in their life and they’re suddenly thrown off balance because they felt these were doing everything right so that they couldn’t understand the way they could attract something negative. When that happens, I’m led to believe that that is the Pre-Birth Plan kicking in. There’s a lesson to be learned, an experience that can be had for growth, healing or balance or perhaps in some cases you have strayed pretty far away from your own Pre-Birth Plan and things inside your life begin to fall apart.

Are Past Lives Relevant To This Life?

On occasion, healing needs to take place from items which occurred in past lives. Other than that, wanting to learn about past lives just from sheer curiosity might never be an excellent idea for a lot of reasons.

Meher Baba is quite, fairly clear and I’m afraid maybe for loads of people’s taste, a bit frighteningly clear on this. There is a wall amongst the consciousness for the present life and previous lifetime stored records. In which he said actually it’s for quite a good reason considering that the variety as well as the strength of those previous lifetime recordings could be so varied, so complex as well as in many cases oppositional. This lifetime is way over here and therefore lifetime is way over there and if most of a sudden we break through the protective wall and these things come out you know, he said this could be or would be-if the individual has not yet done it-among the most upsetting items that could possibly occur to him in addition to in the most typical human state of emotional being the individual is merely not strong enough to encompass as well as be able to handle and digest and go beyond this tremendously varied functions. So Baba simply says don’t tamper too much with all the protective wall. he previously been talking primarily with individuals who were just for their own curiosity trying to recall previous lifetimes.”

– Don E. Stevens – Disciple of Meher Baba (an additional Life: Reincarnation in America Documentary)

Knowing about past lives can seriously mess with you mentally and emotionally. I know this because We have remembered nearly all my previous incarnations and inquired about them in readings I’ve had with a medium I know and love. Although I personally locate them fascinating and look upon all of them with no judgments; not everyone could possibly handle knowing about all associated with roles we play here on Earth.

Playing Roles

We come into each incarnation playing a role. The role is chosen aided by the help of our guides and council before we are born. We take turns playing different roles. In one life you certainly will choose to get murdered plus in another you are likely to volunteer to get the murderer. The set of switching roles is vast and complex. This information is really hard for some people to take in. It took me awhile to really process it all but within the long run, all from it made sense. There’s a part in Kung Fu Panda that I always think of when I think about good versus bad. Master Shifu runs up to Master Oogway and says to him that it’s very bad news. Master Oogway smiles and says, “There is just news. No good or bad.” From what I’ve found through my research and what I truly believe within my heart is that negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is an evolutionary catalyst. We come to Earth for many reasons but a major one is soul growth. Soul growth on the opposite side is very slow because it is paradise. Also, because our company is able to forget who we are, we are able to learn things on a deeper level and expand even more from it. Let’s say you need to know love. What better process to know love than to lose it or become separated from it, not even knowing that nearly all of our very existence is love. After I heard the idea that we play roles was presented to me, I not any longer hated a single person about this planet nor did I fear anything. Because we live in a world of duality, we must have “negative.” The negative is what makes this world. Whenever we didn’t have the villains, none associated with would be possible. In every single those types of villains (oppressors, abusers, etc.) is a beautiful soul living a human experience that has been all planned with soul development in mind.

Exactly Why Is The Theory Of Planning Our Lives Important?

We are living in a very interesting time where many truths that were once hidden are now arriving at light. I’m not saying that the idea of planning our lives holds true but instead a cutting-edge new perspective on an old story. There are many stories associated with the human species origins and why we are here but after extensive research and hearing nearly all of the stories, that is the one which truly resonates with me. That, and I’ve remembered who I am using the help of my spirit guides. I wrote an article exactly how to connect with your own spirit guides which it’s possible to view here.

At this time, I feel it is extremely important to learn just what is truly taking place inside our world and the reason we are here. All perspectives should always be taken into consideration and anyone is free to believe whatever they feel resonates together with them. I’m not here to improve beliefs. I’m sharing this theory because this theory helped me. I forgave the negative of this world and felt gratitude for it because it all helped us to grow. Whether or otherwise not this theory holds true, that is still a confident thing and perhaps others could take something positive from it like I did.

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