In request to influence an extraordinary work, there must be the consolidating of elements or a juncture of forces. For the otherworldly voyager to achieve finishing, and expect a dynamic part in their own particular higher fate and the higher predetermination of the universe, this methodology includes a connection between understudy, educator and Path.


This intersection is basic to the adventure and is held together by the beauty of the Path. In place for the otherworldly voyager to finish their own particular extraordinary work, recognized beneath are a percentage of the key ideas that oblige understanding and meeting up.

Singular Spiritual Destiny

Man is the gathering point in the middle of paradise and earth and is made with a profound predetermination. Inside every individual there is the ability to make, settle on choices and pulverize. These viewpoints or capacities reflect higher characteristics and man’s inheritance is to administer a limitless, individual otherworldly kingdom.

In the voyage to open one’s inward potential there are numerous streets, ways and encounters. Learning happens on a cognizant and subliminal level, regularly all the while. A few lessons are otherworldly and others physical, passionate or what is usually termed mental. Generally, man is a being of cognizant vitality and must figure out how to outfit this vitality or awareness to achieve maximum capacity.

At that point as indicated by Plan, an educator arrives and the individual grasps the missing component otherworldly learning. In time and as indicated by outline, this communication alchemizes the spirit and awareness; and the individual figures out how to achieve higher turning into a completely cognizant member in their predetermination and life.

The Plan

Mankind is developing to a higher state of awareness. This is both individual and aggregate – as a race of individuals. This advancement is deliberate and guided so it might be achieved.

To help shield this Plan there is a progression of servants and instructors who chip away at numerous levels. All in all humankind has a potential and predetermination. A hefty portion of the sacred books talk about this potential. These references are part metaphorical and part strict.

In the Plan, every individual or soul has a unique part. Partially, that is the thing that this life is about. To evaluate how you fit into the world, utilizing your physical, mental, and otherworldly potential. The world needs great individuals who are doing what they can to make things work for themselves as well as other people.

In every day, there are numerous chances to achieve higher and satisfy your individual fate or arrangement. Basically ask yourself before doing something that you are questionable about, if this activity will bring you closer or further you from your higher predetermination and the Source. Figure out how to hold up for an answer. You can do this. Gradually you will start to hear your internal limit. Take after this inward voice. This inward voice and its knowledge are adjusted to the higher predetermination of the universe.

Profound Energy

Inside the universe, there is a nurturing and imaginative vitality. This vitality penetrates the greater part of the planets, measurements and manifestations. Some individuals call this vitality the life compel, the Logos, the Holy Spirit, God, or the Source.

Divinity expands a piece of itself into the universe of structures. God is uncreated and has made the universe, partially to communicate and offer the creation. Each of us has a little piece, or sparkle of this viewpoint inside. This is the focal point, or heart of our spirit and has it inventive potential. This potential or perspective is utilized every day, to some extent to help make our physical body, our mindfulness and the world we live in.

As indicated by convention, since the earliest reference point, people have been given the obligation of guarding and controlling this multi-level vitality. Day by day it is anticipated into this domain, joined by thoughts and impacts. To some degree, this power is a supplement, it empowers and without which our reality would stop to exist.

This power and The Teaching are the same. The Teaching is a part of this superb nurturing and adoring vitality. Amid the course of study, the profound voyager figures out how to turn into unified with this vitality and utilize this life power.

The watchmen and servants of this vitality and Path are the living educators. They exist in all customs and strolls of life. In our time, we are encountering a more open investigation and general investigation into the importance of otherworldly science. There is honest to goodness profound gold and we all have a piece or part of this fortune inside our self.

What the Teacher Provides

Each individual’s trip is individual and on an internal level group. Implying that the arrangement of learning encounters differs as indicated by the individual, the time, and their higher not enthusiastic needs. This succession is secured by the Teaching, the educator and the Path. It is a grouping that begins from an alternate measurement, has Baraka or elegance connected to it and works inside its own particular standards.

Profound Initiation & Placement on the Path. The part of the living educator, or model, is multi-level, differing and fundamental to the understudy’s advancement; through guided guideline, the instructor helps the understudy satisfy their individual fate. Profoundly, the instructor interfaces the understudy, The Teaching and the Path. It is the educator who at first “strokes” the understudy through Baraka and sets the understudy’s heart aglow with the Light of the Universe. In this process, the understudy’s inward start is reenergized and the understudy sees the way of the voyage and grasps the otherworldly Path before them.

Levels & Mastery of Consciousness. It is the instructor that shows to the understudy the numerous levels to their individual considerations and cognizance. Slowly, the educator demonstrates to the understudy generally accepted methods to make a trip to the numerous parts of themselves and travel internal, discovering and communicating their awesome sparkle.

Keeping in mind the end goal to travel internal, the understudy must figure out how to disentangle their rehashing day by day considerations and feelings. For the profound explorer, cognizance being characterized as thought, mindfulness and guided vitality

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* These sections first appeared in my book entitled: A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment, Llewellyn, 2008; and help describe switching attention from one attitude to another and acquiring the right attitude for spiritual learning. These techniques and examples are offered within the context of a daily commute to work, and are useful in many other areas of daily life.

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