The True Meaning Of Dharma

We in the west have been sold a myth hook, line and sinker. This myth is pervasive in the media – the same which glorifies fame and its story of success. Its delusional imprint has been borrowed by the West’s “spiritual teachers.” Hollywood has been promoting this idea since the beginning of film – an […]



In the movie 21 Grams, the idea is presented that upon the moment of death, the human body instantaneously loses exactly 21 grams – supposedly the weight of the soul. Though this is not scientifically proven, there seems to be evidence that our consciousness is indeed a transferable entity – and the ancient Egyptians likely knew […]

The Process of Change

The Process of Change

Why write an article about change? Well, I’ll tell you. I write this because every day we are faced with situations that can change us or the decision to create change. Not all change necessarily suits us at the moment, but much does or we wouldn’t be presented with it. More can be gotten from […]

The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity’s Collective Karma

By Openhand Who could not have been touched by the harrowing picture of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi, his lifeless body face down in the sand, having drowned trying to reach greater security in Europe from the war-torn Syria. We’d be forgiven for wanting to turn our heads from this inconvenient truth. Yet that would […]

3 Steps to Embrace a New Paradigm of Reality

1. Discard Limiting Beliefs Beliefs are what separate us, beliefs are what hold us back and beliefs are what your mind has conjured up about the world to keep you in a certain mind frame or perspective of reality where you have restrictions. The spirit is free, and the spirit always says yes. No matter […]

Soul Contracts, Twin Flames & Soul Mates Redefined-

Matt is redefining the terms twin flame and soul mate from a 5D perspective. No matter how you wish to define any relationship, the essence of this teaching is moving you beyond the veil of labels to discover a love that has no other.  

6 Steps and 3 Awakenings on the Spiritual Path


[content_box type=”without-header” text_color=”dark” color=”color-alt-3″] You are invited to a special journey, in the course of which our inner light shines up in us. This journey takes us through six steps to three awakenings, each one more profound than the previous one. In the following we wish to discuss these steps in more detail. [/content_box] Step […]

The Eternal Tao

The Eternal Tao

When I first read the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, I didn’t understand it, and that bothered me, particularly when I read about the three types of men.The first type is the inferior man, and when he hears the Tao, he laughs, because he is a fool, and wisdom seems like foolishness to him. […]

How To Open Your 7 Chakras – Explained By A Kid’s Show

It’s truly a strong indicator to me that our world is becoming more accepting of other cultures when certain philosophies and beliefs are featured front and center in programming aimed at kids. This time, it was the introduction of chakras in the Nickelodeon program Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Your chakras are points of spiritual energy in […]

The Subjugation of the Creator


Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times End Game of Our Tormentors? Have you ever reflected on what might be the ultimate goal of the oppressors of humanity? I have – and this is what emerged. Those in pursuit of power are seldom satisfied. They always want more. In a seemingly never ending act of compulsive consumption, they […]

Shaken By Doubt?

What do you do when ‘always believe in yourself’ begins to crumble? Ask: What is it that you’re doubting. That seems to me, to be the question. There is a difference between believing in your beliefs, and believing in your Self, so let’s look at it. After six decades, it seems that I still have […]