The Magic within

The Magic within

Dearest Ones I am here with you today to applaud you all for the amazing work that you have been doing and to offer you some spiritual solace and practical help.

Understanding Yourself: The Path of Svadhyaya

understanding yourself

That mystery niyama? It’s svadhyaya—“self-study,” although the translation is a bit awkward. This Sanskrit word, like many, has a richer history than can easily be captured in one or two English words.


the grand illusion of time

Time is in essence a grand illusion that has taken a hold of our  and conditioned our reality to believe in it, thus we then become enslaved by the illusion and suffer the karmas associated with it. Bound to the ticking of the clock, we slowly but surely create our own death. The entire infrastructure […]


  In request to influence an extraordinary work, there must be the consolidating of elements or a juncture of forces. For the otherworldly voyager to achieve finishing, and expect a dynamic part in their own particular higher fate and the higher predetermination of the universe, this methodology includes a connection between understudy, educator and Path. […]


Are you the type of person that starts the day with a smile? Have you always wanted to be like that person who always seems to be in a good mood? Knowing how the brain works biologically can help you understand why it is so hard to change feelings of depression, sadness, or anything other […]

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