Spiritual Contracts And Karma 3

I would say that it is the “good energy” we perform acts with that counts as “Good Karma” – not the acts themselves. What is determined as “good” by our ego-minds (and its collective form as societies “norms” and “morals”) is usually a mental judgment, and rarely of the highest truth – as it is […]

Spiritual Contracts and Karma 2

One can’t really speak of contracts without the topic of “Karma” coming up – they really go hand in hand. “Karma” is sometimes considered life’s “hard knocks” – the many unpleasant experiences a soul goes through here on planet earth. Some others would interpret “Karma” to be “divine retribution” or a punishment from God against […]

Spiritual Contracts and Karma 1

We have the free will to choose. Once the soul decides to follow a certain path, the rest of our being must go along for the ride. Even if the human self later finds out that it does not like the path, the soul is committed, and like it or not, it will drag us […]