Time now to speak the truth of your Heart and Soul

truth of heart and soul

It is the time now to speak the truth of your heart and soul, with unconditional love. It is time to step past all fears of living your truth. It is the time, to be authentic and real. No more shrinking. No more fear. No more pretending. No more masks are needed. You are more […]

Behaviour Causes you to judge

When someone’s behaviour causes you to judge them harshly, stop for a moment. Is it possible that person may be hurting inside and trying to deflect or dispel their pain? Choose compassion. As you find compassion for others, you’ll find compassion for yourself more easily and naturally. “Brandon Bays”

Winston Churchill Tells How to Be a Success

  “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” ~Winston Churchill Getting knocked around by failures is never fun or easy, but this advice from Churchill reminds us that it’s vital that you remain enthusiastic when facing your next venture, or you can expect more of the same. It’s not an easy […]

One of the best gifts

“One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God. ~ Anonymous” http://www.dailyinspirationalquotes.in/2014/10/10/one-of-the-best-gifts-we-can-give-ourselves-is-time-alone-with-god-anonymous-inspiring-quotes/