Time now to speak the truth of your Heart and Soul

truth of heart and soul

It is the time now to speak the truth of your heart and soul, with unconditional love. It is time to step past all fears of living your truth. It is the time, to be authentic and real. No more shrinking. No more fear. No more pretending. No more masks are needed. You are more […]

Avalon Rising 2021: The World Ascension Summit

Avalon Rising

Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New 5D Paradigm. The question is how to successfully ride the change? Here at Openhand, we’re thrilled to announce today an epic adventure for Pioneering Souls – Avalon Rising 2021, the World Ascension […]

Destiny in the Making:

Destiny in the making

Destiny in the Making: Times are tough right now, especially for energy and lightworkers, as we feel the density being activated in society, a dark veil having been drawn across it. But we incarnated here exactly for these times, we were seeded for them. The frequencies you carry are an antidote to the darkness. When […]

“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe”

[content_box type=”with-header” title=”Dolores Cannon” text_color=”dark” color=”default”] Dolores Cannon – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Dolores’ career as a hypnotherapist spans almost 50 years and has taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations. As the range of topics her work covers and sheer volume of original material she has produced places her in a […]