How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

human fetus

Our souls meet this world Our souls meet this world time and time again, as this happens we grow and change. We outgrow old soul contracts and make new ones as we go, this is just how things are. Born into many bodies Souls are born into many different bodies throughout many different lifetimes. Sometimes we […]

Memories of War in China

Memories of War in China

I’m Benjamin, 26 years old, and living in France. I wanted to share my story with you, as it’s pretty factual and life-changing for me. I got interested in the field of past life regression, because, since my childhood, I had awful nightmares of battle scenes, and it got to the point where, when I […]

Time now to speak the truth of your Heart and Soul

truth of heart and soul

It is the time now to speak the truth of your heart and soul, with unconditional love. It is time to step past all fears of living your truth. It is the time, to be authentic and real. No more shrinking. No more fear. No more pretending. No more masks are needed. You are more […]

Past Life Regression – The Power of Your Past – Episode 1

Past Life Regression Online Sessions

In this episode you will learn about: The origins of belief in reincarnation How past life regression relates to Buddhism, Hinduism and Einstein’s Theories How past life regression and science converge Unified field theory Theory of relativity The anatomy of the brain Brainwaves The chakra System/energy centres And much more….. [align_center][button title=”Book Now” link=”″ new_tab=”no” […]

The Magic within

The Magic within

Dearest Ones I am here with you today to applaud you all for the amazing work that you have been doing and to offer you some spiritual solace and practical help.

Dealing with Depression Due to Dense Physical Embodiment


Fascinatingly since writing my article on the Galactic Family of Light, I felt a wave of depression sweep over me from the field. It didn’t take too long to establish wherefrom – those beings that have become disconnected from the light, in this case, the reptilians. It may at times be affecting you if you […]

An introduction into Zen training

introduction into Zen training

When it comes to Zen, you have to understand that this is a time where you will need to think about yourself. Zen has a lot of benefits and the training can be a lot different than what you are used to, but you should first understand what Zen is exactly. You will need to […]

Avalon Rising 2021: The World Ascension Summit

Avalon Rising

Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New 5D Paradigm. The question is how to successfully ride the change? Here at Openhand, we’re thrilled to announce today an epic adventure for Pioneering Souls – Avalon Rising 2021, the World Ascension […]

Destiny in the Making:

Destiny in the making

Destiny in the Making: Times are tough right now, especially for energy and lightworkers, as we feel the density being activated in society, a dark veil having been drawn across it. But we incarnated here exactly for these times, we were seeded for them. The frequencies you carry are an antidote to the darkness. When […]

5D Shift: The 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

5D Shift

The 4th Industrial Revolution on planet earth has just begun. Society is set to be transformed in the biggest shake up since steam power. The cogs first swung into gear with a revolutionary new “White Hat” technology called “Blockchain”. It has since been seized upon by society’s controllers, fuelled by an interdimensional ET consciousness that […]

How Past Life Regressions Can Explain The Unexplainable

past life regression online

Past Life:  Have You Lived Before? It appears that the topic of past lives or reincarnation is gaining momentum. What was once seen as a far-left ideology, this topic is becoming more and more common amongst everyday folks. What does reincarnation or past lives entail? How can anyone access this information if possible? This article […]

The Journey or the Destination?

journey cross roads

Is it the journey or the destination that matters most in our quest for enlightenment? Which one of these should be our aspiration? Is the pot of gold in the journey, or the destination? Is it a foolish man who revels in the journey, not paying attention to the all-important destination, thus losing his way, […]

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