Aries Horoscope for June 2022

This is a month with a huge concentration of energy in your sign, Aries, representing the identity sector of your solar chart. You find yourself wondering who and what you really are. With Mercury still recovering from its recent retrograde, stationing to direct motion on June 3rd in square to Saturn, and only exiting its retrograde shadow by June 18th, this remains a highly introspective time, when you could be somewhat obsessive about figuring out the details of where to take yourself next. Your conception of life direction is a moving landscape, amidst the distractions of this very intense year of change on both societal and personal levels. Curiosity and a sense of optimism are a significant part of this month’s astrological energies and may see you through. The Sagittarius Full Moon of June 14th represents an important juncture, which brings a factor of inner wounding closer to the surface of your thoughts, for better acceptance of yourself in these hidden places of your psyche, and for the sake of contrasting mere mental manipulations with the truer deeper intuitive knowledge of your compassionate heart.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The recent New Moon in Gemini, in your communication sector, sets a standard for the thirty days that follow, signalling that this will be a busy month for all things related to talking and writing. You might also be feeling quite enthusiastic thanks to the supportive influence of Mars and Jupiter in Aries, and it should get easier to go after what you want. The confidence you have in yourself and your skills could make all the difference, and it may be your ability to show up and broadcast the talent that brings you luck. This could be a time of bold and courageous statements that are even better when they can be followed up with actions. Your societal contribution is another focus for you this month, being heralded with a greater sense of commitment to this important area.

On the 3rd, Mercury in Taurus turning direct could begin to give you the green light on a career or financial situation after weeks of much-needed reflection. Mercury finally straightens out after regaining the sign of Gemini on the 13th. You might not be able to get everything you want right now, and yet success could result, and this might depend on your ability to strategize toward your long-term goals. Knowing what you want may be challenging, especially if you feel you have too many options to choose from. Although Jupiter in Aries brings mostly a positive influence, you may also have a challenging time choosing a single path to follow, preferring the spaciousness of optionality and the excitement of the unknown.

The second weekend of June could highlight a need for concrete action with Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn for the third time since April. Your resources and your goals could be on your mind, and you may be prompted to focus on things that can offer you lasting results at this time. You might be putting pressure on yourself to develop a simple solution for something that may be complicated. Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus on the 11th could highlight the variables you have to contend with, and the uncertainty could be coming from someone else in your life with whom you are trying to collaborate. You may feel a sense of duty towards your pre-existing partnerships, or someone may be slowing down your progress.

Mercury re-enters Gemini on the 13th, which could feel like a shift in energy as Mercury begins to straighten out. Communication could start to go more smoothly.

The Sagittarius Full Moon culminates a day later on the 14th, highlighting the part of your chart related to travel, higher education, and the broader frameworks that come from keeping an open mind. What you’ve been learning could be tested around this time, or you may find yourself in a position of teaching. You might have to get over your fears of inadequacy, and Mars joining Chiron in Aries in this Full Moon configuration may offer the perfect opportunity to do that significantly. You may be called to show up as you are in your most vulnerable yet authentic ways, and doing so could bring much-needed healing to your self-concept. This is a significant moment in the month that could help you return to a personal sense of power and autonomy.

As June progresses, your attention could turn toward your dreams and how you can actualize them. The Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius on the 16th may emphasize those who can help you accomplish your goals. Pay attention to where things feel the easiest, as this might give you a clue where you can lean for support.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st of June, which signals the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun in Cancer brings attention to your home base and your family for the next month. You may feel a tension between your desire to explore and your need for security, and it may be hard to reconcile the two. Although your home may be necessary at this time, it could be your sense of adventure that dominates the rest of the month. You may feel the urge to follow your intuition, and you may be more inclined to decide based on how it feels. Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd could increase the available choices, which might not be a bad thing. Your greatest challenge may lie in keeping a sense of perspective, especially if you feel pressured by your real or imagined responsibilities.

Mars in your sign sextile Saturn in Aquarius on the 26th and 27th might help you take a slower and more deliberate approach. Your ruler, Mars, signifies identity and you may feel more limited in what you are able to feel confident about accomplishing.

The Cancer New Moon of the 28th brings the excitement of new possibilities, and it might be easier to say yes to what comes your way. However, the Sun and Moon in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries and this has the potential of blowing things out of proportion. You may also tend to take on too many projects, and it could therefore be wise to agree only to the things that align with your long-term goals; otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed or scattered down the road.

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