Aquarius Horoscope for February 2022

This is a month of coming into yourself in new ways, Aquarius, as indicated by the potent New Moon in your sign from the very beginning of the month. The Sun and Moon are conjunct your traditional ruler, Saturn, in your sign, and are as well in close square alignment with your modern ruler, Uranus. There is a developing sense of self-concept, of who and what you really are, with greater conscious awareness of that which has been hidden away in deeper layers of your psyche. Of course, it is a truism that you are more, much more, than what you are at the ego level, at the mercy of the pressures of consensus social programming or early conditioning. You are making important strides in the midst of the usual work and life pressures toward finding your more authentic self. This involves also an enormous ongoing focus on matters of your home life, or your physical dwelling space, or family of origin, perhaps coming to a head in response or perhaps in spite of inherent limitations that you are also dealing with.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The New Moon in your sign at the very beginning of February is powerful for you, and ushers in a fresh cycle that relates to your self-expression, feelings of identity, and of your own authenticity. Saturn transiting in Aquarius for over a year has been teaching you all sorts of lessons, including how to listen more attentively to your needs and the needs of your body. The New Moon is conjunct Saturn, and also square your modern ruler, Uranus, auguring an incoming period of growth and the discipline needed to get where you want to be, along with great expectations. You may be feeling more ambitious at this time but the heavy-handed influence of Saturn in your sign also brings the pragmatism you need to appraise things realistically this month. You may still need to spend more time unearthing what you truly want and it could feel like your desires are not wholly visible. Uncovering the secrets of your heart may require some solitary moments especially in the first half of February and staying authentic to your desires could be a big theme as you learn to value yourself in a new light. You have a lot to offer but some lingering doubts or limiting self-talk could be threatening to slow down your progress. Paying attention to your inner critic will ensure that you can fully enjoy the blessings that are coming your way this month.

Mercury stations direct near the beginning of the month, on the 3rd, and this could eventually help you access a deeper truth or better understand a puzzling situation you’ve been wrestling with. Mercury emerges from its retrograde shadow about ten days after entering your sign on the 14th. You could feel like you now are beginning to have enough information to move ahead with important plans.

Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces from the 3rd to the 5th is another super-charged aspect that brings a renewed sense of confidence and the faith that everything will work out ok. You may be more willing to take a risk but make sure you’ve assessed all the factors before making a final decision. Your intuition may be sharper than usual but you may also be picking up on signals that are not meant for you. You might have to cut through the noise in order to get to the essentials and you may be able to do this by letting go of the need to control an outcome.

There is a dynamic First Quarter Moon in Taurus on February 8th, which brings tractions for a project at home or for sorting out a domestic issue. You may feel burdened by extra responsibilities or you may have to play a supportive role for someone. If something is not working on the home front it could become more obvious at this time. However, you may also have the perfect perspective to solve the issues at hand.

Mercury re-enters your sign on the 14th which is good news for you and will help you communicate more clearly in the coming weeks as Mercury covers the same ground he’s already covered twice since the beginning of the year. If you’ve felt yourself oscillating between speaking your truth and keeping everything in, Mercury’s entry into Aquarius should give you the courage to speak up.

The Full Moon in your opposite sign of Leo on the 16th highlights issues of self and others, so the focus shifts to your partnerships, and unexpected events could bring a dynamic to light. This Full Moon represents a culmination process for you and relates to the ongoing compromises that must be made with others in order to make something work. If there are pre-existing difficulties, this Full Moon could make them more obvious. Otherwise, the Full Moon in Leo is an excellent opportunity to take stock of the good things that have developed recently in connection with others. Mars and Venus joining together in the sign of Capricorn from the 14th are therefore prominent in this Full Moon configuration. This is an important aspect, illuminating your compassionate nature and your desire to help could be more prominent at this time, lasting through and beyond the end of February.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, emphasizing resources and finances, and also signalling the last thirty days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. What you value could be emphasized in some ways in the next month and it may be a good time to work on a budget for the year ahead.

The last full week of February brings idealization surrounding what’s possible as Mars and Venus in close conjunction sextile Neptune in Pisces. There is a hopeful influence permeating this time and you may feel inspired by new possibilities. Mercury in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on the 24th and this could bring up an idea or a situation that first came up a month ago for which you needed more time to think about. There may be a certain level of unpredictability that requires flexibility but adopting a different perspective on the matter could help you see other ways to progress towards your dreams. There may be an unusual amount of opportunities presenting themselves at the end of the month and these may come through from your wider social circle. It may be a good time to raise your prices or at least reassess your contribution within a group. This month is all about your needs and how you go about getting exactly what you want.

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