Aquarius Horoscope for August 2022

August is an active month for you, Aquarius, when much remains hidden and unknown. With the recent New Moon in your opposite sign, you are very focused on key partners in your life, either business or personal, while the placements of co-rulers Saturn and Uranus in the first and fourth sectors of your solar chart indicate that matters of home and family, as well as self-concept and developmental imagination, also lead the charge of astrological influences for this summer. You are in many ways being prompted to do rather than just to be, and yet it is your internal recognition of the deep principle that fundamentally drives you. The potent Full Moon in your sign on August 11th marks another significant turning point, when partners or potential partners come more fully into the picture and when dream imagination from deep inside you remains an essential component. The lesson here is to pay attention to everything that is going on within you and without, including your nighttime dreams and your daytime consciousness of your prospective life path, according to your most sincere sense of purpose and of personal authenticity.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The recent New Moon in your opposite sign of Leo from July 28th signalled the beginning of a fresh thirty-day cycle in the relational sector of your chart, lasting most of August. You could feel a renewed desire to focus your attention on your most cherished relationships. An expansive and joyful influence permeates the month and your resolve and commitment to make something work may be starting to really pay off and you might begin to see the rewards of your energy investments this month. You may not be able to completely escape the dynamic tension between your personal desires and the requirements of your partnerships but your care and empathy could go a long way in making things work in your favour. You or someone else could initiate important dialogues that can help you break free from a stale mindset or assumptions about how someone else is feeling.

On August 1st and 2nd, MarsUranus and the North Node perfect their triple conjunction in Taurus which was also a factor in the New Moon configuration. This could concentrate your energy on also home and family matters for the August month, or possibly imply a need to stabilize what feels shaky. You may have to contend with not having all the answers at this time or be forced outside of your comfort zone.

Mercury’s ingress into the sign of Virgo on the 4th brings further attention to your intimate or business partnerships. Shared resources could especially be involved. There could be a silver lining or some benefits coming from your relationships at this time that outweighs the need to branch out on your own. You may also be more willing to compromise on your personal desires for the sake of making something work.

On August 6th through the 8th, the first weekend of the month brings a mixed bag of both positive and more challenging influences depending on where you focus your attention. Mars in Taurus is squaring Saturn in Aquarius and this could bring frustration if you try to move ahead too fast. You may need more patience than usual to deal with unforeseen circumstances while trying to stay flexible amidst constraints. Things might have a tendency to progress more slowly but the right amount of deliberate effort could also yield satisfying results. Things at home or with your family could be demanding more of your time and you may have to make a few sacrifices in order for things to run smoothly.

The Full Moon takes place in your sign on August 11th shining its light on your partnerships and also your own development. The Full Moon joins Saturn, your traditional ruler, in your sign while also squaring your modern ruler Uranus, in Taurus, so there is a connection being made between family matters and your own self-definition, along with the idea of innovation as well as stability in these areas. There may be important realizations surrounding your personal boundaries and your ability to say no.

More extensively, if you’ve been compromising too much on your personal desires, mid-August might offer an opportunity to readjust your stance so as to balance the give and take in your relationships. It may be important to acknowledge where you may feel frustrated, voicing your needs, if you expect others to respect them. Venus enters Leo as part of this Full Moon, which highlights even more greatly your partnership sector and will bring a supportive and playful influence to it. If any grievances that might be on your mind toward others you are in a relationship with are aired, this can help you invest your energy more positively and wholeheartedly in the weeks to come.

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on the 18th may bring up themes related to your domestic life and your partnerships and brings in an element of deep inner study and compromise. This influence is somewhat disruptive and doesn’t have to be complicated, although you may have to ask for support instead of trying to do everything on your own.

Mars enters Gemini on the 20th where it will be spending the next seven months due to its retrograde motion in the last few months of the year. Mars in Gemini brings attention to the part of your chart that relates to your creativity, any children you might have, and what you are passionate about. You could be entering an extended period of time when your desire for pleasure and ease becomes a central theme that moves you towards greater uninhibited self-expression.

Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune on August 20th through the 22nd could somewhat diffuse your resolve. The third weekend of August might therefore again challenge you to express your needs or define more clearly the terms of a partnership. The Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd and will continue to highlight partnership agreements and the compromises needed to make something work.

Mercury enters Libra on the 25th which has the potential to lift your mood considerably by offering a much-needed perspective on whatever you’ve been wrestling with.

The Virgo New Moon taking place on August 27th may bring renewed energy to your collaborations and your partnerships. An exciting influence permeates the last few days of August and the following September month. Behind closed doors of intimacy, affection for others and also regarding your relationship with yourself may continue to grow in your personal life.

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