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A Simple Manifestation Technique; Make Wishes Comes True Overnight!

genie lampEveryone has the power to manifest the life of their dreams. Manifestation or bringing something into reality by spiritual thoughts and intentions can be done in many ways—meditation, journaling, and rituals. However, these can take time. For a faster technique many have used, is the “two cup technique,” which uses dimensional jumping. This idea is rather new to science but used in a simple way can bring big and fast results.

Dimensional Jumping or Quantum Jumping

Quantum physics is slowly discovering the full picture of how many different dimensions are there past our familiar three. No matter how many dimensions there may be, when we get to the tenth dimension that already means an infinity of infinite potential parallel timelines or parallel realities.

There is a parallel timeline out there where everything is the same except for your hair color, your job, your financial situation or all other possibilities. All of them are accessible to you if you know how to tune your frequency into that timeline/reality. The smallest and most practical changes are easier, but some people report changes that seem almost impossible.

You jump timeliness all the time unconsciously—every time you have a thought or a strong emotional response. You can also jump consciously.

Quantum physics shows that when quantum particles can exist at different levels in material form, but not in between the levels. When observed, these particles disappear from one state and appear in another or appear to ‘blink.’

Quantum jumping is another way to describe dimensional jumping or a process of leaping into an alternate reality through intention. This is what the “two cups” manifestation technique uses at its base, but there is more that goes into it.

Subconscious Mind Programming Technique

The law of attraction which is at the basis of all manifestations says that like attract like. Positive thoughts attract positive events. Most of your thoughts, however, happen unconsciously. They are all born in the unconscious mind, and it can run your life without your knowledge.

This is why it is important to make sure your unconscious thoughts are working on manifesting what you indeed do want.

The subconscious mind can be re-programmed however by practices such as affirmations, which is an aspect of the “two cup technique” has as well.

The Two Cup Technique Explained

The two cup technique combines ideas behind quantum or dimensional jumping with subconscious mind programming, but in practice is it simple.

All you need are: 

  • Two identical glasses or cups
  • Water
  • Sticky note pads and glue
  • A Pen
  • A great attitude


  1. Choose something specific you want to manifest. Such as a new job, $100 extra in your bank account, a vacation, an opportunity to collaborate as an artist, etc.
  2. Fill just one cup with water.
  3. Stick or glue one identical sticky note on each cup.
  4. On the cup with water, based on your intention, write out where you are right now. Say if your intention is to find a fulfilling job, write something like “my current job is unsatisfactory.
  5. On the cup with no water, write what you would like to manifest, such as “I got a phone call from my favourite company offering me a high-paying job.” You can be as specific or as vague as you wish, but remember that every word or omitting a word matters when it comes to manifestation. Ask exactly what you want.
  6. Hold the cup with water in your hands. Close your eyes, and think about how your current not satisfactory situation makes you feel. Send all of your negative emotions concerning this situation into the water.
  7. Pour the water from the first cup into the second cup. By doing so, you are starting to transmute negative into positive.
  8. Hold the second cup (the one that has what you want to manifest written on it) and meditate for a few minutes imagining how it would feel to receive what you want. Feel the joy, the satisfaction, and any other positive emotions that come up.
  9. Drink the water, and wait for your manifestations to come true. (Some people even had overnight results).

Using water in this technique is backed by research by Dr Masaru Emoto, which found out that water hold memory and vibration of information. Any intention written on a container that holds the water will affect its structure. By writing your manifestations on a glass of water, you are charging the water with the intention, and drinking it carries it into all of your cells and eventually your subconscious mind. This technique, therefore, is comprised of multiple spiritual and scientific principles that together increase the power of manifestation to benefit you and your life.



Katalina Aster

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