New Moon of Feeling and Fortitude

A New Moon of Feeling and Fortitude

New Moon of Feeling and FortitudeThe Cancer New Moon that commences its lunation cycle on June 28th, at 7:52 pm Pacific Time, has some intensely harsh notes, and yet also cause for optimism. While certain aspects of this New Moon, notably MarsPluto, and Lilith, may have us bristling against threats and yearning to stand up and speak out for what we truly believe, there is also its softer side. Cancer energy brings a tender nurturing of what it cherishes, loves and wants to defend. The cardinal Water sign of Cancer is where in fact the Moon is most at home, offering energy that we can tune in with in order to feel cosmic love and a sense of feeling divinely protected. It may be important for you now to tune into the full spectrum of this archetype, allowing yourself to rest in safe spaces to process and tonify your emotional experience, as well as finding your footing in fiercely protecting what it is that you truly value. There is much happening in the externals of our world that is difficult and downright scary, and astrology is reflective of these facets of our collective experience.  However, we can also strive to find a focus on the psychological and inner experience of how the energy of this New Moon can be framed positively and worked with.

Jupiter at the 7-degree mark of Aries is making an exact square to the Moon and Sun, at 7 Cancer, and. We also find in Aries its ruling planet, Mars in close conjunction with the feminine warrior archetype of Eris. All this big, fiery Aries energy has a lot of vital movement to it, yet also can be inflaming and abrasive, especially in the tense square aspect of the Moon.  While Jupiter in Aries can bring big bursts of beautiful primal life-force energy, it can also lay the magnifying glass on maladaptive Aries themes like reactivity and anger that get turned into aggression. Mars with Eris in Aries is an inflammatory pairing if I’ve ever seen one, and yet it can also elicit the flame of our inner warrior to step up with the strength of our will, channelling the ferocity of our outrage to take appropriate action for what we believe is our highest expression. When we can articulate and then proceed to act upon what is fundamentally right for ourselves in this time, this place, this world, and in the midst of the intense evolutionary churning through which we all are living, this can go a long way toward relieving any feelings of powerlessness in the face of danger. Mars is also square to Pluto, which means that this time is asking us to get in touch with the current expression and depth of our power and to channel it through our choices and actions. This energy is like a fuel that is highly combustible and requires our skill and presence to direct it constructively. We all will of course make mistakes, nothing is perfect, and yet it is so important that we try our best at attempting positive and meaningful change for ourselves and our society, and just go ahead and throw our hat in the ring in a way that is truly meaningful to us.

Also in the configuration of this dramatic New Moon, we find that Sun and Moon are conjoined with Black Moon Lilith, at 8 degrees of Cancer, just one degree away.  Jupiter in Aries is therefore also within a degree of a square to Black Moon Lilith, further increasing her prominence.  Black Moon Lilith is an archetype that represents the many faces of the feminine, and where certain aspects of feminine expression have been rejected or cast out. One way to work with Black Moon Lilith signatures is to honour them as an invitation to create space in our awareness to welcome back those facets of our experience that have been pushed away or somehow marginalized. If we can centre into our essential nature, and re-integrate these lost aspects of self, we essentially regain our pure life-force energy that had been confused or distorted into shame, blame, or guilt, on and on. As always it is recommended – and can be even pivotal – to have a trusted practitioner to help support you if you engage in this kind of process.

It is also important to note that in this New Moon we have a powerful presence of the lovely Venus, in Gemini, in perfect semi-sextile to the New Moon, and in a supportive flowing sextile with Jupiter. These more minor aspects may not be the big attention-grabbers like squares, trines, and conjunctions, but when we actively tune into them, they do have lovely gifts to bestow. Venus in Gemini can bring adaptability to our ways of relating, and a sense of flexibility to our value systems. As we combine that with optimistic Jupiter, it could help us get in touch with an expansive attitude that provides opportunities for constructive exploration. This could help us approach tough and charged topics with a sprinkle of curiosity that can be the key ingredient to help us find an opening that even the most challenging of circumstances might allow, and begin to see how we can get in touch with possibility, potential, and constructive collaboration.

As you engage with the cosmic wisdom of this New Moon, may you have space and support to feel what you need to feel, and the fortitude to carry forth with conviction, being centred in the Truth of who you are. May we trust in the intelligence of our Divine Nature to guide us towards our own unique and individual True North. In this way may you bring forth that which only you can bring – as a donation to the whole. May we each make our contribution to the collective well-being in whatever way is the exact right one for us to fulfil!

By Leslie Benson for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

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